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Slime Rancher Game Free To Play

Are you tired from the life stimulation games like Stardew Valley or city builders like SimCity? Then Slime Rancher that has recently was fully released may be your cup of tea, or in this case, a cup of slime, to taste. This is a funny and cute indie project where you play as a space rancher who received the strange heritage – a farm of alien slimes. The title has been in the Steam’s Early Access category since January 2016. The official release date of Slime Rancher happened on August 1, 2017, on many platforms including Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS and even Xbox One. The developing studio responsible for this awesome title is a Californian indie team called Monomi Park.

Features of plot and gameplay

Beatrix LeBeau is the main protagonist of this open world game with a first-person view. You arrive to the distant planet called Far, Far Range in order to become a farmer. At first, it seems that you are to raise fruits, veggies and chickens but then it turns out that you have to deal with alien forms of life looking like cute slimes. That is how your fascinating life of a space slime farmer begins. Your main task is to cultivate slimes and explore the vast world around you. The only disturbing thing is that sometimes slimes can eat each other and occasionally hens running around. Collect, raise, feed and create new breeds of slimes in order to earn Newbucks and open new locations – if you enjoyed playing Pokemon and Stardew Valley, you will certainly find this game appealing. After its final release the game received an update with casual story mode and increased level of difficulty.

The graphics and design are very sweet and bright. There is no any violence in this title so you could safely show it to your kids. One of the developers from Monomi Park, the designer Nick Popovich is a real taleteller and pro. His attention to details and a weird in a good sense humor create a heart-melting atmosphere. The one that will help turn back time and become a child again when you could play with plush toys. Also, this project is a great choice for everyone who loves exploring in video games. No one will show you the way, most locations and secret places in Slime Rancher are hidden and can be discovered only if you are attentive and persistent enough. Random quests and events also make the gameplay varied and unpredictable.

Positive feedback and huge sales of Slime Rancher

One of the biggest surprises for the developers was the fact that the Early Access version received about 10,000 reviews, 95% of which were positive. This goofy farm was warmly accepted by most game media resources and a lot of fans even became the modders to become this game even more awesome to play. Metacritic’s score is also very positive – over 80% out of 100. Most reviewers enjoyed its addictive gameplay and an unusual concept for a typical farming simulator. In general, everyone agrees that this title stands for a surrealistic adventure where you literally deal with space goo. On this website you can get a lot of latest updates, mods, addons, tips, cheats and secrets that can help playing this project in a funnier and more engaging way.