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Players of Slime Rancher like this game for many things. One of the most favorite options is the ability to build a ranch from scratch based on pre-set assets and found blueprints. From this point the inventory of the protagonist mostly consists of scientific tools that ease the mission of finding resources and foods for raising and collecting slimes. For example, when exploring the nooks of Far, Far Range you will at some point come across the so-called treasure pods. These are the round containers with blueprints for your fabricator machine and also rare resources. Keep in mind that the contents of pods are mostly related to the zone where you have found them. The amount of found and hidden pods is noticeable on your in-game map. For now there are only 3 types of pods. Green pods located on the most visible spots and opened with the standard upgrade of your major gaming tool used for vacking small resources and slimes Vacpack. Blue and violet pods are harder to find and open (the updates of the 2nd and 3rd levels of Vacpack are required). Vacpack must be regularly upgraded for gaining more Newbucks, resources, exploring the new faming spots and being stronger to face the most dangerous local species. Opt for Golden Sureshot upgrade for your Vacpack that will allow catching golden slimes (aim for the hidden belly button) and you will get three times more of golden plort left from these goos.

Also, you will eventually receive a jetpack that will literally give you an ability to float in the skies. Even the smallest jetpack will allow reach almost any high point of the planet. It can be improved by air drives to consume 20% less of energy. Think of Tomorrow Children’s jetpack when imagining how it looks in Slime Rancher.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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