What is great about Slime Rancher is that it offers the official Slime Rancher Modtool. By means of this official instrument you can singnificanlty change the game’s map and add a lot of new interesting mechanics. For instance, the most popular mod in Slime Rancher is BetterBuild that allows building your own maps (apart from the default Far, Far Range locations) basically from scratch. However, this mod can accidentally “kill” your save files, so be careful when using it. Create your own world with your own Tarrs and Slimes. With the help of Slime Rancher Modtool you can safely install such popular mods as SlimeChat, BeyondSlimes and ZoneUI. By means of SlimeChat you can create chatrooms and talk to other gamers in the same room as you are. Beyond Slimes is another interesting modification allowing to increase the speed of your vacpack’s bow and shoot with more power than usually. Also this particular modification can increase the power of vacking of this tool. And the flashes of light also become available by pressing the middle button of the mouth. Finally, BeyondSlimes gives an opportunity to vack any plort and gather them to your folds. If you are struggling with the in-game navigation, opt for installing the special mod called ZoneUI – it shows the name of the location where you are currently roaming. Also, this mod will reveal the resources and slimes that can be found in this location. Create your own mods because the game’s engine is very flexible and you don’t have to be a mod expert to improve this game.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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