Slime Rancher 3


Slime is a common title for the in-game species that inhabit the planet Far, Far Range. They appear from slime racks. Each type, despite its design, has big eyes and a mouth.  Goos are very different from the other aspects – shape, size, color and their personality. Yeah, can you believe that every slug in Slime Rancher has its own agenda and individuality? Some species are very friendly and curious, the other may act very hostile and even harm you. However, if you feed almost any kind of slug, you will receive the so-called residue product named here as plort.

Also, all species has emotions and the individual traits you are to consider when raising them. The happier your goo is, the more plorts it is going to produce. Happiness is the most important parameter when the slime smiles and is playful. Random behavior is another thing to keep in mind because it makes your slug to move in various directions to different sides uncontrollably. Fear is what makes any cuties jump scared and have round eyes. Usually Fear happens when domestic slimes see the hostile slug Tarr. Hunger makes the “animals” go the places where it can potentially find the favorite foods. You can recognize the hungry slug because it looks thinner and starts drooling. Also, hungry goos need more food to produce plorts.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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