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Slime Rancher offers tons of content to explore but, obviously, the most interesting thing is to find, gather, bring up and crossbreed new species of slugs. These are the main “heroes” of the game because despite different personalities all of them look really cute and heart-warming. There are domestic (Pink, Tabby, Tangle, Phosphor, Dervish, Hunter, etc – about 20 different types of non-harmful slimes),potentially dangerous (Rad, Rock, Crystal, Mosaic, Boom, Fire slugs), dangerous  (The Tarr, Quicksilver, Saber and Feral goos) and very rare slimes (Golden, Lucky, and Gorgo species).

The Tarrs (a.k.a. Those Awful Ravenous Rainbows) is basically the only thing you need to beware like Critters in Minecraft. This aggressive goo that appears when the largo eats the inappropriate plort. The life limit for the Tarrs is very short. Sun and water make them burst that is why they mostly hide in caves and go around at night. These slugs really search for smaller goos to eat and copy the. They can also devour all your hens and even chop the piece of you as well. What you shouldn’t be afraid of is Pink Slime that you will see as soon as you launch the game. They are the most common species that eats everything. Rock, Phosphor, Hunter types and a number of others are not so widespread but can offer the unique types of plorts to sell. The hardest type of slime to catch is Golden one that can’t be vacked but surely produces the most valuable crystals but can’t result in largos. Another interesting type is Lucky Slime that appears only for a few seconds before disappearing again. It is impossible to catch. You can only feed it with the rarest fruits (just like with Golden slimes). Also, this slug favors the chicken’s meat and exchange it for Newbucks instantly. The more it eats meat, the more bucks it gives – up to 150 units per one chicken meal.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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