Slime Rancher 2


Most of your time in Slime Rancher  2 will be occupied by two tasks – raise slimes and gather their plorts. Plort is the most common resource that you may exchange for Newbucks in the Plort Market that is the most valuable thing in this game. Plort is a small slug’s piece resembling a crystal separated from a slime when it consumes the edible resources like meat, vegetables or fruits. These “leftovers” can be easily picked up by a vacpack and instantly blown into the exchanger of the Market. The price for these resources differs depending on their rarity and quality level. Most slimes produce more than 1 type of the residue, depending on the food’s type you give to them. If the slime eats his favorite food then he can produce more than one item during one time. Also, largos always leave two plorts for ordinary food and 4 units for the favorite meal. Some slugs don’t produce this resources at all – Gordo, Tarr and Lucky Slime.

Each slug leaves its own crystal. Pink plort is produced by Pink Slimes and it is the cheapest of them. But this resource is very widespread and can be used for the production of many things on our planet. Rock crystal is produced by Rock Slimes and it is famous for its incredible density and light weight at the same time. You should use it for building stronger fortifications that should overdue the powerful attacks of hostile slimes. Tabby type is left by Tabby slugs and it can be eaten in order to increase your energy (very important for athletes). Phosphor crystal can glow in the darkness and disappears during the daytime if it remains left unnoticed by a player. But your mission is to catch Golden Goos that produce the most expensive and rarest Golden Plort. This resource is good only for sale, though. However, don’t expect that you can produce Largos from Golden crystals and grind Newbucks from the air using this scheme. The game has a very good balance.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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