Slime Rancher updated


The fans have been anticipating for the official update of their favorite farm simulator for almost a year. The developers from Monomi Park were preparing the add-on with a new location, resources, and slimes for a few months. Their efforts resulted in a 1.1. update that received the title The Wilds’ Ogden. The main protagonist of Slime Rancher received a chance to meet a new NPC named Ogden Ortiz who is a skillful slime farmer and a well-known gourmet of Far, Far Range planet. Following his orders, a player will continue exploring the map’s new location The Wilds in order to find new types of slimes and a strange fruit called Kookadoba that is the favorite ingredient of Ogden. He will give you multiple awards. But you are to be very cautious! The very dangerous species called Saber Slime lives here and these largos are not friendly at all, especially when you are going to take their favorite fruits. The job will not surely be simple, but the experienced ranchers adore this update that brings so much challenge and fun. The Wilds is an awe-inspiring location with ancient mountains and colorful, virgin greenery. It may not seem like a walk in a park but the prize is worth your efforts. More official updates for Slime Rancher are expected till the end of 2017.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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