You play as Beatrix LeBeau. Her past is mysterious. The only thing that you know for sure is that she has recently gained a strange heritage from her late uncle. As a player you begin your slime farming career on the planet Far, Far Range, in the location called Dry Reef. This is a desolated ranch that used to belong to the very weird guy Hobson Twillgers who was a close friend of the protagonist’s uncle. However, this ranch urgently needs the renovation because it looks very poor and abandoned. By the way, in the very beginning you will get strict instruction from the certain intergalactic corporation 7Zee. Opt for following or ignoring them – it is up to your choice. Many beginners choose to follow the commands because the first two missions serve as a sort of the detailed tutorial.

The first slugs you will see Pink Slimes are great for the game’s start. They don’t demand special foods, you can find them everywhere and in the great amount. However, these slimes have a very big minus – their crystals a.k.a. plorts – are very cheap and you can ‘t earn many local bucks by selling them. Another tips for newcomers in Slime Rancher is not leaving your house at night. This is the most dangerous time when hostile slimes appear. These Tarr slugs can even devour you if you are without any armor or weapons. Luckily, you have a smart house where you can hide at night. On your second day in the game you should search for blue and violet neko-slimes. Their plorts cost more and you can crossbreed them in order to raise even more slugs. The crossbred slime is called largo that can produce two plorts for one meal and four crystals for the favorite dish. However, you can crossbreed the slimes just once. But be careful if you feed the plort of another slime to largos they will turn into Tarrs. You can destroy these slugs by flaming them, throwing into the Slime Sea or just pouring plenty of water on them. Also, look for the Gordos – these are the biggest slugs in the game and by feeding them you can get an access to new locations or buy a teleport for your ranch.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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