Slime Rancher v 1.0.1e


To cut the long story short, Slime Rancher is a great indie simulator with bright design, charming locations, multiple types of cute slimes and pleasant OST. Prepare to investigate the numerous landscapes where you can build an enormous ranch showing off your hidden gardening and animal breeding skills. But you are warned beforehand – this game can be extremely addictive! Don’t start playing it until you have about 3-4 free hours to spend. You can do so many things in Slime Rancher – this game opens up gradually, offering more and more interesting content to play with. Players can breed slimes, raising new species and hens to feed goos, improving your garden and nearby areas like caves and forests. All these options are hilarious and will surely make you grin. Slime Rancher is a really optimistic game with meowing slimes. And when you are getting tired of building the ranch, feed your slimes and go traveling. You may even flying around the pretty big planet in order to find secret locations like a dark cave full of dangerous slimes or a swimming pool stuffed with plorts. The sky is the limit when it comes to Slime Rancher’s imagination.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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