Slimepedia stands for a virtual encyclopedia available to Beatrix from the moment of her arrival to the planet Far, Far Range. It contains a lot of really useful information that you can’t ignore if planning to successes as a space rancher. In particular, Slimepedia counts many training tips necessary for the the first days of your playing and every time Beatrix discovers a new resource, slime or location, a new record appears in this virtual book. You will see a pop-up window with a new record’s notification in the lower right corner. All records in Slimepedia are illustrated with pictograms and let you know the basic information about the most required objects and places to visit in Slime Rancher. For example, the records about resources will tell about the peculiarities of growing certain foods and what slimes should or should not eat these foods. The category dedicated to slimes will help to differentiate among the multiple types, their food and gift preferences, personal characteristics, possible risks and the abilities for breeding with other slimes. This book is also a valuable source of information when it comes to understanding how to use the numerous tools available in the game.

You can viewed all categories of Slimepedia by clicking on the button to the right of the Plort Market or from the menu (press Esc and then F1). You will immediately be transferred to the hints and the manual for your vacpack. Also, this pedia contains tons of hints on where to find the rare and yet undiscovered objects that may be useful for the further progress.


  • Look and go
  • Click on, Jump, Shoot

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